Cognitive Assessment and Training

We provide comprehensive assessments of a child’s cognitive ability, measuring how a child interprets and manipulates, information.  Our friendly and encouraging atmosphere, helps children provide an accurate reflection of their current ability.  The assessment identifies a child’s strengths and weaknesses, and whether additional learning support or extension is required in a school setting or at home.  In some circumstances, a cognitive assessment can be part of a broader assessment, such as addressing attention deficits or access to gifted and talented programmed.

Cognitive training is a method that increases the speed and capacity to manipulate information.  Research has demonstrated that our brains are plastic, capable of changing, and training working memory can strengthen this cognitive ability.  Increasing performance in this area, can have a direct influence on academic performance and daily activities.  We utilize an evidence based system called, CogMed, which has excellent validity and over 60 research studies demonstratgn outcomes

Cogmed is an online training programme for working memory.  Working memory is a cognitive ability, essential for learning and attention, and deficits in this area can inhibit academic progress and frustrate everyday productivity.  For example, a child may have difficulty performing tasks of daily living, such as, preparing for school or coordinating their belongings at a level that is not consistent with their developmental age.  The programme is supported by a, Cogmed accredited psychologist, and facilitated through regular meetings, including an initial and final assessment.  The programme is suitable for a range of children, and is often used by schools to assist children as they require more independent learning and sophisticated use of information.  Children with ADHD and learning disorders have particularly good results with this programme, and extensive peer reviewed research has found that the increased skills achieved online is transferred into real life settings.

Cognitive Assessment and Training

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