Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in an assessment?

We interview you and your child separately to gain a thorough understanding of how fears and worries are influencing your child’s life.  The interview is very structured and reviews your child’s development and emotional and/or behavioural difficulties across a range of settings.  A thorough assessment is key to identifying the presenting problem and ensuring that treatment accurately addresses the areas of concern.

What should I tell my child?

We find most children respond well to being open and honest.  You might like to tell your child that everybody worries about things, but sometimes worries get in the way of doing what you want to do, and can mess things up.  To help them try and reduce those worries, they are going to meet someone who helps kids with worries and finds new ways to reduce those worries.

Was my child born anxious?

Some children seem to be fearful from birth, with parents reporting that these children avoided the ‘unfamiliar’ from the very beginning, and seemingly engaged in life from behind a safety barrier (often Mum).

Research shows that all children are born with a more or less inhibited temperament and that this varies normally within the population.  A child with this type of temperament can also be more inclined to avoid unfamiliar situations or people and without this experience of approaching mildly discomforting situations, a child is not rewarded with increased confidence and coping behaviours when the unfamiliar situation is ‘conquered’.  New investigations suggest that this may be one factor contributing to the development of anxiety.

Does it work?

We only use evidence based and peer reviewed programmes that have been clinically tested in a range of University Centres.  We know that the outcomes of these programmes are; increased academic achievement, social skills, confidence, reduced worry, and new friends.


Free 15 minute consulation

I know how hard it can be trying to find the right fit for your kids, that’s why I offer a free 15 minute telephone consulation.