Helping children overcome life’s challenges

Fighting fears and anxiety

We offer child friendly, skills based strategies to help parents and children address fears and anxieties that prevent a child’s engagement in important activities or areas of their life.  We have a collaborative approach and work closely with parents and children together to harness a fresh approach to feared areas which may include, separation anxiety, specific phobias, social anxiety, general anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder….

New Horizons: Courage and Brave Behaviours

Children with a more inhibited temperament, or more careful outlook on life, tend to avoid situations, items, or people that are unfamiliar or feared, and whilst this keeps them safe, and reduces anxiety, it also prevents them from obtaining sufficient experience or practice at overcoming fear.

Courage and Brave Behaviours
Replacing anxious thoughts

Replacing anxious thoughts and fear beliefs

We teach children how to recognise the relationship between thoughts and feelings and how these influence their behaviours.  In an anxious context, children learn to identify the worried thoughts associated with feelings of anxiety and recognise how anxiety is associated with avoidant behaviours.

Cognitive Assessment and Training

We provide comprehensive assessments of a child’s cognitive ability, measuring how a child interprets and manipulates, information.  Our friendly and encouraging atmosphere, helps children provide an accurate reflection of their current ability.  The assessment identifies a child’s strengths and weaknesses, and whether additional learning support or extension is required in a school setting or at home.

Cognitive Assessment and Training

Focus and Attention

Children change in their ability to maintain focus and attention throughout their development, but for some children, the rate at which they develop these processes, can interfere with school, home life, and social opportunities.  We assess and review your child’s current capacity to inhibit behaviour, sustain attention, resist distraction, and regulate their activity level in response to different situations.

Be Part of the Crowd

We offer a range of group programmes to support children and maintain progress following individual treatment.  Often being a part of a group that experiences similar emotional difficulties, and challenges can be supportive for children and their parents, who meet families addressing the same challenges.

Be Part of the Crowd

Free 15 minute consulation

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